Invest in yourself

Generate real sweat equity. No points or badges, just cash.

  • Back up your health goals with a little cash.
  • Improve and watch your investment grow.

Track your health

We make it engaging so you can make it happen.

  • Track your health.
  • Get personalized health tips.

Get support

Increase your success.
Boost your returns!

  • Connect with your family and friends on LifeVest.
  • Boost your returns by getting sponsored by family and friends.

What is LifeVest?

Smarter incentives for better health.

Invest in yourself by putting real cash on the line.

By measuring the improvements you make to your modifiable health metrics, LifeVest rewards you for making positive changes in your life.

Improve your health? Get paid real money!
Neglect your health? Put your money at risk!

Your Health

You’re in charge! LifeVest is based on health measures you control and backed by leading epidemiological and behavioral economic studies.

Your Earnings

Your earnings are based on how much you improve your health. So, with LifeVest, you’re competing against yourself, not someone else’s “standards”.

How does LifeVest work?


Sign-up is simple and takes less than 5 minutes! Invest real cash in your health. Your employer, family, and friends pledge dollars to support your efforts and increase your potential earnings!

Get Healthy

Set goals, track your progress, and watch your account value grow! We send you health information specifically tailored to your goals, progress, and activity to keep you on track.

Get Paid

The more you improve, the more you get paid.

Get paid to get healthy and stay healthy! LifeVest is an employer health incentive program that wants to pay you to improve your health. We keep it simple, fun and engaging. Improve your health and earn a financial return. Ask your family and friends to sponsor you to earn even more.

  • The more you improve, the more you get paid.
  • The more you contribute at the beginning of the cycle and the more you improve your health, the more you earn.
  • Neglect your health and pay the price. Losses from members who neglect their health are paid to members who improve.
  • If you are already healthy, stay healthy, and earn.

LifeVest for your business

LifeVest Health is a ground-breaking wellness incentive program that ties incentives to change in individual health. Behind a fun, simple, and engaging user experience, LifeVest combines leading epidemiological and behavioral economic research to create a paradigm shift in corporate wellness.



Everyone is unique. Shouldn’t their incentives be too? The LifeVest program allows each employee to customize his/her incentive to create a motivating experience for each individual.


Measure change, not compliance. Your investment in wellness isn’t a mystery, so why should your ROI be? LifeVest measures change in health risk, and make it easy for you to track the results and your returns.


Deliver the right information at the right time. LifeVest monitors your employees’ health and engages employees with personalized information and interventions when it matters most - before they need care.


Does it seem like your incentives mostly go to those who are already healthy, leaving little for those who need to change the most? While we reward the healthy for staying healthy, we concentrate incentives on those who improve the most, to stretch your wellness budget farther.