The 401K for Health

Transform health into your greatest asset

At the intersection of financial and physical health, LifeVest uses behavioral economics and evidence based science to derive the ultimate wealth in life.

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Cure to the Common Wellness Program


Advanced behavioral economics drives healthy habits one step at a time.


Backed by science, rewards are directly linked to clinically proven improvements in health.



Reimagining wellness to put the “R” on the “I” (ROI).


Mobile, web, and text message. Accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.



Knowledge leadership. LifeVest empowers you with engagement, population health, and ROI data in real time.


Connect needs with resources in real-time to avoid the high cost of late detection.


Ready to go when you are. LifeVest handles the nitty-gritty so you can focus on the big picture.


LifeVest’s open architecture builds bridges to your existing programs, apps and devices (e.g., Fitbit)

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LifeVest Blog


FiTip: 4-Move Sequence for Anytime, Anywhere

Spring has arrived, and it's time to gear up for the warm weather that lays ahead! We've teamed up with two personal trainers over at Weston Fitness to help you get your body ready for action. They bring us this bodyweight workout that requires zero equipment and little as 15-20 minutes to complete. Click the video above to get started (or view it here). Section one will walk you through four basic moves to target every part of the body. Then, when you're ready to level it up, section two walks you through those same moves, adding a challenge to Read More


Meet the Team

We strive to practice what we preach by creating a healthy, fun, and open workplace. Team members are passionate about their work and inspired by our mission.